Pole Dance

Joy was introduced to pole dance back in 2015. She had a horrible first experience (and thankfully a fantastic second experience) that drives her passion to create the best pole classes available to anyone willing to try. She has learned that the teacher really does make all the difference in the enjoyment of the class experience.

She loved the deeply transformative process that pole dance offered her - bringing back the light in her where there was once darkness.

working hard to get xpert certified in 2016, Joy has built quite a reputation for the quality of classes she teaches - focussing on uncovering the innate confidence within each student (mind, body, and soul).

She has learned many deep lessons along the way that she outlines in her blog.

Her confident with joy (saturday & sunday morning) classes at the salt mine are in high demand. Click here if you’re interested in signing up for a class.

Joy will be teaching bachelorette parties at the moxy movement as well.

To book a private session or party with Joy at either The salt Mine or the Moxy Movement, click here.

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For Pole Dance instructors

With her degree in behavioral science and anthropology, Joy has researched extensively on what it takes to be an influential and effective instructor. It doesn’t matter if you are a veteran, a newbie or even just aspiring to be a pole dance instructor, Joy wants to share her secrets to help you amp your game in connecting differently with your students and growing your classes.

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